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Wines For Eight is a Wine tasting society founded in 1999. We are eight friends with a burning interest for the delicate outcome of grapes gowing around the world.


The members:

Rolf Henningson

Synneve Henningson

Jan Lindström

Annika Lindström

Fredrik Schreiber

Eva Schreiber

Stefan Tärnblom

Erika Tärnblom


Our tasting experience

We meet 4 times a year where one of the members host a wine tasting. The tastings are mostly with red wines but we have also done White wines, Food vs. Wine and Champagne tastings. Since we started in 1999 we have met more than 60 times to try wines.


Our Wine trips

A few years ago we also started to save money together and in 2008 we went on our first wine trip. This time to Piemonte in Italy.

2011, in September we went for our second trip. This time to Ribera del Duero in Spain.

You can read more about our trips here

2014, In the beginning of October we will visit Chateau Neuf du Pape
































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